Crystal Lake Birding

A beautiful early morning on Crystal Lake (Michigan) inspired me to use my spotting scope on my mother and father-in-laws’  dock. The sunrise was so amazing, I would have been satisfied with just that. Surprisingly, you won’t find a lot of ducks on Crystal Lake, which is 3 miles wide and 7 miles long ( 9,712 acres). However; the residents do a good job of not feeding the water fowl to prevent swimmers itch. Just as I was content and watch the sunrise, a momma merganser and about 14 ducklings came swimming across the lake. Those immediately behind her were jockeying for a position on her back, a common trait for the babies. True to form, this diving breed of ducklings followed mama’s lead when she plunged below. It was amazing to see only two or three on the surface when they dove. The baby on mom’s back in this picture is surely taunting his siblings by looking back as if to say; “I’m on mom’s back, and you’re not, ha, ha.”

Merganser Mom and Babies
Crystal Lake Sunrise
Crystal Lake Sunrise
Me and my spotting scope

Taken by my husband Doug, I think this shot provides great perspective on the beauty and vastness of the lake and landscape.

West Michigan Birding

A bird walk yesterday in Frankfort, Michigan yielded quite a few beautiful birds. In particular this cedar waxwing posed in various positions for about five minutes. I’ve posted some of my favorites here, and there are more on twitpic if you’d like to take a look.

Cedar waxwing
"You taking my picture?"

cedar waxwing tail feathers
"See my tail feathers?"

Cedar waxwing profile
"How about my profile?"