Birding at Carter Caves State Resort Park (Kentucky)

I’m still riding on the peacefulness of our family camping trip last week at Carter Caves Kentucky State Resort Park. It is one of most beautiful places we’ve ever seen.

wood thrush

In addition to seeing bats in the caves (exciting), I had the extreme pleasure of spotting and adding five new birds to my life list! I should have known it would be a good trip when we were greeted by my favorite bird upon arrival at the campsite – a bluebird who serenaded us the entire time we set up camp.

Very shortly after, I heard the most beautiful and intriguing bird song I’ve ever experienced. It was magical. A two-part, and sometimes three-part song, it had a typical pattern you could identify, with an occasional trill at the end, or even an extra note added here and there. It was like the bird was being creative and truly enjoying his gift of song as much as I was enjoying listening to it. I searched for three days, and could not find this elusive bird. I would be right near it, so close it seemed impossible not to find it, and then it would fly farther away – every time. I was beginning to think it was invisible.

On one of my morning walks, I spotted a cute bird on a fence post and snapped a picture of him, not knowing what it was. I later looked it up in my field guide as well as listened to a sound bite call at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website. Eureka! I found it. A wood thrush. Here is his picture.