Water Wings

Fourth of July in northern Michigan is a slice of heaven. While enjoying the beauty of Lake Michigan, and inland Crystal Lake where my husband’s parents live, we’ve been witness to hundreds of breathtaking sunsets. At times, the expanse and fullness of a Lake Michigan sunset in full Technicolor, blends the horizon where water meets sky so much so that they become one.

Of course, I forgot my camera for the fireworks and missed the opportunity to capture this for you. I did however, head over to Point Betsie Lighthouse the next day (which was a bit overcast), and captured some shore birds.

Forster’s Tern – a new addition to my life list – wouldn’t alight, but I was able to capture his beauty in flight.

Foster's tern in flight
foster's tern in flight

A ringed-bill gull, however did seem to pose for me, which resulted in several photos contrasting the vibrant bird against a rusted seawall and the lively water below.

ring-billed gull on breaker
ring-billed gull on breaker at lake Michigan

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